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Shanghai Meibo Exhibition concluded perfectly

Jun 07, 2018

Recently, Guangzhou Zhongbei Mechanical Equipment Factory successfully ended its product exhibition at the Shanghai World Expo, bringing together domestic and foreign food machinery equipment. All salemans of Guangzhou Zhongbei Mechanical Equipment Factory gathered  together to witness the significance that the future for a new generation of food machinery and the value which created for the society. After the exhibition, Zhongbei CEO Mr. Bao carried out the agent offline training meeting to further enhance the agent's transaction ability.

From the exhibition to the training conference, all the salemans in Zhongbei sincerely paid for it. For all the agents and customers, they provided a food machinery equipment with the lowest entry threshold, more obvious effect, and outstanding product value. The commercial event was concluded, and an exchange seminar was also held on how to improve equipment quality and production. From now on, the new microcomputer digitally controlled ice cream mahcine independently developed by Zhongbei has attracted lots of attention on the spot. Visitors are even more inquiries and experiences

Guangzhou Zhongbei Mechanical Equipment Factory has been widely recognized and praised by customers in the market and dealers for its excellent brand quality and fast product updates. With the precipitation and development of all the way, Zhongbei's dealers and customers have been located in 24 provinces, autonomous regions, cities and counties in China.At the same time, at the World Expo, why Zhongbei Products can quickly attract a large number of on-site guests to watch the products, because the hard work of the headquarter agents and the earnest work enthusiasm and status of the site, and the sales promotion brand image to make the team grow effectively. Among the favorable opportunities, among them, there is a successful people with a daily turnover of one million, and there are also newcomers who have just joined. Regardless of the size of the scale, they are contributing their own strength to the rise the Chinese national brand rapidly and steady development. Zhongbei is committed to becoming a benchmark in the field of food machinery equipment, adhering to the concept of quality, efficiency, innovation, and adhering to the principle of “putting consumers’ interests first” to contribute to the creation of value for society and the rise of the national health industry.

After the World Expo ended, the company’s CEO gathered the company’s partner to hold the Zhongbei offline training meeting. During the meeting, it provided key training on how to use the product and how to detect and eliminate the fault, and detailed the problems encountered by the agents in the daily sales of products that answer and give specific solutions.

This time, the Shanghai World Expo’s exhibitors effectively promoted the image of Zhongbei Electromechanical's brand, further enhanced the brand's influence, and combined with the Expo’s opportunity as an opportunity to conduct offline training sessions again solved the problem encountered by agents in their daily sales of products.The typical problems will lay a solid foundation for the rapid and steady development of Zhongbei Corporation in the future.

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