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Zhongbei Mechanical Equipment establish a sale center in North America successfully

Dec 07, 2017

Recently, zhongbei Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd held a Signing ceremony in Guangzhou, China. This is an achievement of strategic cooperation in North America.

The photo of buyer and the sales of zhongbei Mechanical Equipment

For foreign trade enterprises, the procedures of export are rather complicated. When signing contracts, the best way is that insist on payment terms and their own principles, and what percentage of deposits should be made, Payment Terms, Terms of Delivery, port of destination and so on. Nevertheless, by the lead of the chief representative you Mianfeng', constantly sum up learning, meetings training, learning of export goods involved in the complicated process. Our representative are patient, carefully understanding of the exit points, avoid foreign trade transaction process, causing unnecessary disputes. Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. In spite of some difficulties, finally process fulfilled the contract.

It is inevitable for Zhongbei Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd to participate in international competition, take the international brand line. Since its founding, the company has been committed to providing consumers worldwide with unique creative gifts of outstanding quality. They have repeatedly made excellent food equipment for international campaign and government agencies which always won the trust of international guests.

2018 is a key time for Guangzhou zhongbei Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd, foreign trade business should have a one-stop service , a platform for exhibitors and an online and offline open platform to achieve a dual win situation for employees' income increase, production efficiency and customer satisfaction .

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