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Zhongbei Mechanical provide a better fried ice machine to the world

Dec 07, 2017

Guangzhou, located on the east of the Pearl River Estuary, is one of the "Guangdong Four Little Tigers". It is an important trade port in Guangdong. knowed as "the world factory" and has many famous enterprises. As early as 1990, food machinery took root in this beautiful city.

Company employees with the buyers

Guangzhou zhongbei Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., the main products are refrigeration equipment, such as: Fried ice machine, roll ice machine, fried yogurt machine, ice cream machine, also contains many other types of snack equipment, all products mainly export , Are exported to more than 100 countries and regions in the world.

Under the leadership of Chairman, Mianfeng You, the Company takes technological innovation as a means and market innovation as its goal, continuously innovates and develops, from China to the world. In 2014, it successfully connected with the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and became an important Chinese supplier of food equipment to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs One of the three bags of quality, is a successful example of Sino-Russian cooperation.

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